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Our Mission


Since the establishment of our company, we are committed to achieving the results according to world standards in everything we do. Our constant efforts for improvement of excellence leads us toward our goal - to be an example for exceeded expectations of service and value for both our partners and employees. Performing this to become and remain recognizable business entity that not only do things the right way but makes things real. We know where we are going, and that is the way to achieve big goals. Doggedly pursuing the way, always bear in mind that excellence is not just a destination, but a continuous journey that never ends.

Who Are We


KOMPANIJA BAKO is a private company established in 2000. Our main business is the manufacture, processing, packing and trading of granular and powder products, dried fruits, cornflakes. We Bako, are committed to creating the best and most inventive products and services to be available anytime and anywhere. Retain the previous goal - via its consumer-oriented strategy, competitive offers and unique products to fulfill our mission and vision - to be synonymous with quality not forgotten.



Our employees are our driving force.

Our motto is "satisfied employees - satisfied customers". For this BAKO apply modern and systematic approach to manage human resources, through selection and placement of employees, evaluate their results, promotion and remuneration, as well as continuous training. In addition to good organizational structure of the company and the pleasant working atmosphere competent and motivated team is key factor for success. Our employees are our driving force. They were real professionals, loyal, dedicated and prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the modern shopper. Employment in BAKO is a guarantee to work in a socially responsible company that respects human rights, meet legal requirements, safeguard the health and safety of employees. Code of Ethics and Conduct defines our values​​, business ethics and corporate culture. We are professionals, work honestly and sincerely and always take responsibility for our actions.